Data Relay

Data Relay

Welcome to the home of Data Relay. We are a series of free, community-led conferences that cover the whole spectrum of the Microsoft Data Platform.

Data Relay 2024

Data Relay 2024 has been cancelled. We’re proud to be a free community event, but in this year’s challenging financial environment we’ve been unable to raise the sponsorship we need. This is disappointing news for all of us, and we’re sorry not to be seeing you as planned this autumn.

We’re grateful to the sponsors who were able to sign up and look forward to working with them again. The Data Relay team is working hard to move past this and to get the event into shape for next year. We’ll be delighted to get back on the road again in autumn 2025, and look forward to seeing you all then.

What happened to SQL Relay?

If you haven’t been to an event in a while, you might not know that SQL Relay became Data Relay in 2018. The name change reflects the breadth of technologies which the Microsoft Data Platform has grown to encompass and which you’ll find represented at our events.

Even if your last event was a SQL Relay, you’ll know what to expect from Data Relay — all that’s changed is the name. Just like SQL Relay, Data Relay continues to bring great expert sessions and in-depth workshops to the community, for free.