How many events do Speakers have to do?

How many events do Speakers have to do?

Data Relay is a week long event, where we do 5 one day conferences, each of which is in a different city

So do we expect speakers to commit to a full week of 5 events?

Of course not! We understand that this is a major commitment from the speaker, the speaker’s family and their employer to let them gallivant around the country for a week of fun

Speakers are welcome to submit for as many or as few events as they want to.

If you only want to do 1 day at your local event, that’s fine with us

If you can can only do Monday and Thursday, we’re cool with that

If you want to commit to all 5 days, we salute your resolve

If you want to do just 1 event, and don’t mind which day, we can work with that as well

Basically any combination of the events is fine with us

Your choice of days will NOT impact your chances of selection. The voting panel will NOT see this information when they choose sessions. So all session submissions will carry the same weight no matter how many or which events you want to commit to.

And we know we’re asking you to sign up to dates a long way out, so we’re flexible. We will work with you if things change and work with you to make sure it all works out for you and us. At the end of the day, if we’ve selected you we want you to present your content, so we’ll make sure we do our best to have you present it when and where you want to.

If you’ve any questions, then please get in touch:

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